Websphere Cast Iron – Hello World Integration Flow

This is my first of many integration flows in Websphere Cast Iron. See the steps below to create a Cast Iron Integration Flow.

Step 1; Open Cast Iron Studio and create a new project (My project was called Project 1)

Step 2: An orchestration will be created for you automatically which you can rename. The following step is to create an endpoint, in this instance we will create an HTTP endpoint that listens on port 80.

Step 3:  Below is all the setting for the HTTP Endpoint that you can set:

Step 4: Drag the following 2 activities into your editor: Receive Request and Post Request and connect your HTTP endpoint. It must look like the following:

Step 5: Click on the Send Response Activity and click on Map Inputs, then right click on the Body field and select ‘Define Default Value’. Enter in ‘Hello World!’ or any other default value.

Step 6: Validate the project by clicking on the Validate Project button in the IDE, the following message is expected.

Step 7: Publish the flow to my virtual appliance by specifying the IP address of my Web Interface by clicking on Publish Project and completing the relevant information.

Step 8: Verify that the project has been published successfully.

Step 9: Log into your Virtual Appliance to see the project (Project1) being published. See project in Red Box.

Step 10: Start the Project by clicking on the green play button.

Step 11: Open Cast Iron HTTP Post Utility and the Data IP address followed by the URI that was specified in the Receive Request activity and click Submit.

Last Step: Enjoy the success of your first Cast Iron flow.

Cast Iron must be one of the easiest and most user friendly integration tools that I have used. This whole exercise was done in less than 5 min…just show that their motto “Integration in days” is definitely true.

13 thoughts on “Websphere Cast Iron – Hello World Integration Flow

  1. Hey i have question for you.. i am new to castiron and i created a orchestration and tryin to run it and seeing “terminated” everywhere… do you know if i can how can i change the log level in Web console.
    when i go to Log level it says Access denied.
    Do you know any way out.

  2. Hi Maria, first thing is to find out what is your user privileges to change the log levels. Yes you can change the log levels in the console. A way to catch all the errors in a flow is to right click on the first activity and select ‘Catch All’ specify a text file to send errors to.

    Let me know if you need any more assistance I am willing to assist.

  3. Hi Michel,

    You blog is very much useful to beginners.
    I am new to the cast iron integration.I have developed the project in studio and i want to test the orchestration flow.
    I do not have live credentials to publish the project.
    Can you please tell me how to test the orchestration.

  4. Hi Laxman, thanks for the kind words. You need to publish your project to be able test it.

  5. Hi Michel

    I am using Cast Iron Studio.I want to integrate data between two salesforce account.i created and test the orchestration.
    Now I need to publish the project and can you please tell me how and where to get the credentials for publishing.
    Can you also tell me how to install the Web Management Console

  6. I m getting this error:Send Response Activity’s configure task is invalid.
    and it says Activity ID: Value must be initialised.

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