Cast Iron integration into the current IBM ESB stack

So where does Cast Iron fit into the IBM Websphere stack?Cast Iron primary used for Cloud to on-premise integration. Where you can create a message flow diagram using the Cast Iron Studio and deploy that flow to the following environments:

1. Cast Iron Appliance (which is now the Datapower XH35 Cast Iron V5.1)

2. The virtual Cast Iron appliance which can be installed in VMWare.

3. Amazon EC2

So how can you integrate Cast Iron with current IBM ESB’s:

1. Datapower XI50

2. Websphere Message Broker

3. WESB (Websphere ESB)

The simple answer is:

1. Websphere MQ

2. Web Services

Cast Iron integrates natively to Websphere MQ and any Web Services call can be made. This is a great addition to the IBM Stack and will be a great solution for customers that want to do any cloud integration.

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