Datapower Error Handling

How do you do Error Handling in Datapower. Below is a step-by-step way to trap errors:

Step 1: Create an Error Rule in you Policy. This is done by selecting “Error” from Rule Direction.

Step 2: Create a new ‘On-Error’ action:

Step 3: Configure ‘On-Error’ rule


  1. Simon says:


    I’m using XI52. and trying to set up an On Error in the policy of a WSDL based WS-Proxy. Following your instructions fails at step 3 because the error rule I created at step 1 does not appear in the drop down box.

    Any ideas gratefully received…

  2. Vijay says:

    Only processing rules appear in the drop down but not the error rules. Anyway for me the alternative processing policy never executed for on-error (for any of the Cancel, Continue or Alternative). The error rules always gets executed if there is any

  3. Thys Michels says:

    Hi Vijay, use the on error action in your processing policy to invoke your error rule.

  4. Biswa says:

    Tx yarr…

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