Datapower Error Handling

How do you do Error Handling in Datapower. Below is a step-by-step way to trap errors:

Step 1: Create an Error Rule in you Policy. This is done by selecting “Error” from Rule Direction.

Step 2: Create a new ‘On-Error’ action:

Step 3: Configure ‘On-Error’ rule

4 thoughts on “Datapower Error Handling

  1. Thys,

    I’m using XI52. and trying to set up an On Error in the policy of a WSDL based WS-Proxy. Following your instructions fails at step 3 because the error rule I created at step 1 does not appear in the drop down box.

    Any ideas gratefully received…

  2. Only processing rules appear in the drop down but not the error rules. Anyway for me the alternative processing policy never executed for on-error (for any of the Cancel, Continue or Alternative). The error rules always gets executed if there is any

  3. Hi Vijay, use the on error action in your processing policy to invoke your error rule.

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