One Input Card, Multiple Output Cards in WTX

How to create a transform from one input format to multiple output formats by using a specific field to determine what to transform the different output it is as easy as create a IF statement to call a specific functional map:


Define the textfield to determine what transformation to do and call the specific functional map with the correct functional map parameter.

This means you can have one input coming in and one mutiple output going out, some of the transformation that can be done in WTX is:

1. Industry Specific transformation : SWIFT, HL7, HIPAA and much more (they are provided by at extra cost by WTX and you can import the type trees and start doing industry specific transformations)

2. Cobol transformation, just import your cobol copybook and you are ready to transform from or to Cobol.

3. XML, import the XML Schema of and you are ready to transform to and from XML.

4. Web Services, just import your WSDL and you are ready to transform from and to any SOAP message.

5. PAIN, part of the SWIFT industry pack where the type trees already exist and you can transform to and from PAIN.

Below is an image on how it looks in WTX when you transform from one Input file to multipe Output files:

Where can you deploy the WTX map (executeable .mmc format) after you have created it…good question. There is multiple place some of them are:

1. Websphere Datapower (Note only for non-industry specific transformations)

2. Websphere Message Broker (All and any transformations). For Message Broker you will need to install Websphere Transformation Extender Design Studio as well as Websphere Transformation Extender for Integration Servers. After you have done that and you open your Websphere Message Broker Toolkit you will see this extra node:

This image shows one input queue and multiple output queues for each transformation.

Important to note when running AIX: there is no Websphere Transformation Extender for AIX and you only need to install Websphere Transformation Extender for Integration Servers. Just make sure that the same user for Message Broker is selected for the WTX IS install. As WMB needs to get access to the WTX IS libraries (check in the lil file of WMB if you see the dtx*.jar and dtx*.lil).

3. Websphere Enterprise Service Bus.

4. If you have none of these you can use the WTX Command Server to execute the Map on any platform by supplying the map the file that needs to be transformed and a location where the transformed maps need to be delivered.

For more information on the Command Server please visit:

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  1. Anuaspriya says:

    Hey, Can we call an output card from our function iN WTX

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