IBMWebSphere eXtreme Scale V 7.1 andWebSphere DataPowerXC10 Appliance

IBM WebSphere® DataPower XC10 is a purpose-built appliance designed for simplified deployment and hardened security. Used in conjunction with WebSphere family products, this distributed caching solution enables business-critical applications to cost-effectively scale with consistent performance.

  • Accelerated Time to Value: Reduce install, setup and configuration time through out-of-the-box, “drop-in” use for HTTP Session Replication and the WebSphere Application Server dynamic cache service.
  • Simplified management and administration: Leverage a built-in, simplified administration and monitoring console to enable efficient setup, configuration and management of the appliance and transaction load within your datacenter.
  • Simplified monitoring of the runtime/health of the appliance: Experience status widgets reporting key metrics pertaining to your transaction load and memory.
  • Fast application performance: Use as a powerful distributed cache to speed application access to data.
  • Replace expensive disk operations with replicated memory operations for lower costs, easier scaling and higher performance.
  • Linear scalability: Scale out without limitations.
  • Support for non-Java client access: REST APIs for C/C++ and .NET client support via ADO.Net Data Services V1 specification support

Websphere XC10 Appliance Datasheet:

Websphere XC10 Features and Benefits:

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