Websphere UDDI configuration with WSRR

Create a Websphere UDDI with Websphere Registry and Repository.

Step 1: Navigate to the following path: \IBM\Websphere\WSRR\admin>
Step 2: Run the following command (Specify the path to your WSRR): ConfigureUDDI.bat C:\Program Files\IBM\Websphere\AppServer\profiles\WSRRSrv01

The following window will open:

Enter the localhost and SOAP port number for WSRR profile.

Enter the security username and password:

Configure your UDDI settings:

UDDI Property Node configurations:

UDDI Node Security configurations:

4 thoughts on “Websphere UDDI configuration with WSRR

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  2. Good Stuff Buddy, also I whant to know the belwo items, will you able to throw some light.

    1. How UDDI differs from WSRR.
    2. Do we need UDDI to integrate WSRR with Websphere Application Server(WAS).
    3. Can we sync UDDI end to end with WSRR

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