Altova Mapforce – XML Field Mapping

Altova MapForce must be one of the best and easiest ways to map from one XML document to another using the documents Stylesheet.
Below is a simple mapping from one XML to a new XML structure.

Master File : First import the xsl file to be used as master, you will be prompted to browse for a XML file that successfully maps to the xsl.
Mapped File: Import the xsl of the mapped file and skip to select a XML file as a new XML file will be created after the mapping has been completed.

Drag and drop the one field from the Master to Mapped file. There is also a range of built in String, Math and XPath2 functions to be imported (dragged and dropped) to execute different actions.

The XML output for from the Mapping looked like the following:

MapForce creates detailed report for every mapping. Following file was created by MapForce:


After map has been created it is possible to generate the code in XSLT1.0 or XSLT2.0…event Java. This is how the XSLT2.0 code looks for mapped file.


It also created a bat file which you can call everytime you want a mapping to execute:

@echo off

AltovaXML /xslt1 “MappingMapToExpReport-Target.xslt” /in “C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/Altova/MapForce2010/MapForceExamples/Tutorial/mf-ExpReport.xml” /out “C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/Altova/MapForce2010/MapForceExamples/Tutorial/ExpReport-Target.xml” %*

I think it a great tool…would be nice if it could do industry standard transformations like HL7 and EDIFACT.

3 thoughts on “Altova Mapforce – XML Field Mapping

  1. Hi Michael,

    Please note: the name of the product is Altova MapForce —

    Also, MapForce Enterprise Edition actually does map EDIFACT, HL7, and X12. It also supports mapping between databases, flat files, Excel 2007, XBRL, and Web services. Perhaps you are using the Professional or Standard editions for this review?

  2. Hi Tara, thanks for the response…sorry I was to overexcited to type this post and it was very late in the morning hours…that is great news…so you are a real competition for IBM Transformation Extender?

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