MQAttach leverage the strengths of IBM WebSphere MQ/WMQ-FTE and the HTTP/S protocol

MQATTACH is a Licence FREE Windows-based solution built to extend IBM’s Managed File Transfer (MFT) capabilities to the desktop and beyond.

It is purpose built to leverage the strengths of IBM WebSphere MQ/WMQ-FTE and the HTTP/S protocol and extend these to desktop users in a simple, deployment friendly, cost effective and secure manner.

MQATTACH provides the following capability to end users from their desktops

  • Multiple views into WMQ/FTE’s Transfer History using Dashboards and with comprehensive Filtering/Drill-Down capablities.
  • Comprehensive administration functionality to define Companies, Departments, Send Groups and Users allowing for a central infrastructure with which to setup and manage end user and departmental MFT needs
  • Job “Centric” Detail to the WMQ/FTE Transfer History information allowing for easy and complete access to all transfer information including pre / post program output information
  • Windows GUI based “Mailbox” type file transfer mechanism supporting both internal and external desktop users facilitating HTTP/S file exchanges between users as well as between specially authorized users and WMQ/FTE Agents with full access control, security and transfer history tracking/logging capabilities.
  • A simple Command-Line Interface allowing users an alternate interface to the GUI for exchanging files.

Learn more about MQAttach or download the software please visit:


  1. Len McWilliams says:

    Do you have a good set of installation instructions for MQAttach?

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