Defining Datapower XB60 components and Profile Linkage

IBM WebSphere DataPower B2B Appliance XB60 simplifies, helps secure, and accelerates your B2B trading partner connectivity. The XB60 is a purpose-built B2B Gateway for simplified deployment and hardened security. This 1U (1.75 inch thick) rack-mountable network device is powered by unique technology to help your business:

– Easily manage and connect to trading partners using industry standards

– Extend integration beyond the enterprise with a securely deployed B2B Gateway in the DMZ

– Improve the performance and scalability of B2B interfaces

– Govern B2B integration points through consolidated trading partner management

Datapower XB60 Profile Linkage

The B2B Partner Profile is the configuration object where the trading partner information is defined. This information includes the profile name, profile type, business IDs, AS security, destinations for document routing, and contact information.

A trading partner is either an internal or external trading partner based on the understanding that an internal trading partner exists within the corporate enterprise and an external trading partner exists outside of the enterprise. Trading partners have unique business IDs. However, if a profile is defined as internal, that trading partner might also have the same business ID defined in their external definition, because an internal trading partner and an external trading partner are different objects.

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