Installing Datapower plug-in for Eclipse

How to install the Datapower plug-in for Eclipse

Step 1: Download Eclipse :

Step 2: Extract the com.datapower.mgmt.feature_3.6.1.bin.dist  file.

a) Copy the features folder to : \eclipse\features

b) Copy the Plugin folder to: \eclipse\plugins

Step 3: Extract the com.datapower.xml.xslt.coproc.feature_3.6.1.0.bin.dist file

a) Copy the features folder to : \eclipse\features

b) Copy the Plugin folder to: \eclipse\plugins

Step 4: Select the Datapower Preference inside Eclipse

Step 5: Complete Datapower Co-processor Settings in Eclipse Preference.

Step 6: Complete Datapower Management Settings in Eclipse Preference.

Step 7: Check out 4 new buttons for: Upload File, Compile XSLT Stylesheet, Transform XML Input with XSLT Stylesheet, Modify Stylesheet Parameter.


  1. Hi Thys,
    what do you think about the Eclipse plug-in for firmware 3.8.2?

    do you think that it works fine?

    I’m evaluating use the plug-in, but in the past I have several problems with this (over firmware version 3.7.2).


  2. Thys Michels says:

    Hi Marcos,
    I recommend downloading the latest Resource Pack from Fixcentral for your specific firmware level (3.8.2) and appliance (XS40, XI50, XB60,XM70):
    (Search for “Resource Pack”)
    I have tested the plugin with 3.8.2 on XI50 and XB60 and it works fine. Let me know if you have any issues.

  3. Hi Thys,

    Do you have the exact link were i can download the Datapower Plugin for Eclipse? i have gone on Eclipse website but i don’t seem to find anything concerning datapower.

    Thanks and regards


  4. Thys Michels says:

    Hi Lo,

    Follow these steps:

    The latest plugin is available from IBM fixcentral download the V4 supporting docs and inside is the plugin as a folder. I see fix central is down at the moment.

    Let me know if you need more assistance.

    Kind Regards, Thys Michels

  5. Thanks Buddy,

    It worked. I’m fascinated.



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