PushtoTest IT Optimization and Service Management for Datapower appliance

The enemy is downtime, and PushToTest is the solution. PushToTest is the open-source platform for software developers, QA groups, and IT management to test, optimize, monitor, and govern information systems. At any given time new software needs installation, existing application software modules and database software needs to be patched, application software and databases need to be tuned and optimized, and the root-causes of crashes, downtime, and performance bottlenecks need to be analyzed and remediated quickly.

Software developers use PushToTest to turn their unit tests into functional tests using a test automation platform that runs on their desktop development system. PushToTest includes Wizards and Recorders to automatically build tests and supports a variety of languages, including Java, Jython, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, and many others. Plus PushToTest supports Service Oriented Architecture (SOA,) Web Service, AJAX, and REST services using their native protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, XML-RPC, and the email protocols, SMTP, POP, and IMAP.)

The PushToTest test runtime environment automatically turns these same functional tests into load tests, scalability and performance tests, regression tests, and service monitors for QA technicians, IT operations managers, and CIOs. The PushToTest tests and service monitors integrate into your service registry/repository management systems for end-to-end IT optimization and business service management.

PushtoTest is appropriate for:
Application testing – Avoid Downtime, Quality Patches, Updates, Hardware Changes.
Integration Testing – Surface performance Issues When Service call Services
Regression Testing – Surface Functionality issues before customers do
Tools & Library Testing – Optimize Performance at the Object Level
XML Optimization – Improve performance and scalability: AJAX, SOAP, REST
Performance Testing – Better forecast CPU, Network, Memory needs to meet SLA’s

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