LDAP Authentication with Datapower XI50

LDAP authentication can be done through the a AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) node on a Datapower Policy. LDAP authentication can be done using Active Directory, Tivoli Directory Server or TIM/TAM and many more open source LDAP applications. The first step is to add the AAA node to your policy:

Configure your AAA node by dubble clicking on the node and creating a new AAA policy. The settings below was for Tivoli Directory Server.

5 thoughts on “LDAP Authentication with Datapower XI50

  1. Hi Michael,

    I was trying to use the contents of
    var://context/AAA-internal-Debug/MC alive in the response also so I can us it in selecting the relevant filter for that group.

    This works with probe enabled. if probe is disabled the groups are not found in response.

    The question is: how to keep this


    variable alive in the response too

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Hi Raja, Let me know what error you get an I will be able to assist? Also make sure your LDAP server properties is set to accept anonymous bound.

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