Lotus Live – Lotus Cloud Solution

Lotus Live is one of the most exciting thing that has happened to the Brand after Lotus 123!haha:) The new Lotus Live has all the features that you may need to complete your daily tasks, and the best thing is that you don’t have to install anything on your PC’s everything runs in the cloud.

Lets go through some of the great features of Lotus Live dashboard.
1. Set up Meetings – Host a meeting or join a meeting by just adding an ID of the Hosting account.
2. Create Events – Create Sametime Unyte events.
3. Build a network – Search for IBM’ers and Add new colleagues to your network.
4. Activities – Set up activities that need to be complete by having a Todo list and also marking the status of an activity.
5. Files – Upload and share files between colleagues and bundle files together in a collection.
6. Forms – Publish custom surveys. Collect data and analyze results.
7. Charts – Create new charts by uploading files
8. Instant Message – in 2 ways:
a) Are you an existing Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 or 8.0 user? Simply add us as a new community.
b) If you do not have an existing Sametime client, download and install Instant Messaging.

Data Storage Limit: 100MB

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