Wireless open for Business

wireless_networkingSA Wireless User Groups is seen an explosion in users that is connecting to the wireless network. The networking of computers is create a huge network where information and content can be share in any form or quantity. Such a network may be a great thing for a company that has multiple offices in different areas where they need to share information between one another. Why do they need to pay for sharing services if the can use wirless towers to share. You can buy a small dish or atenna for under R2000 which gives you access to at least 200 and counting other users.

The there is places like Rapidshare that creates the middleman between the sender and the reciever that has only huge servers to recieve the content, store it for a short period and then it is downloaded by another user.

Another option is to shoot up a small satelite that can connect the users, this will increase the range of the users and also the amount of content that can be shared. But is it possible to do this? 

Or can we maybe connect with other wireless networks that is overseas?Can we maybe get a link into their wireless network an then extend the grid to create a global wireless network where everyone can share.

With the Open Source cloud OS solution you can ask users if they save anything if they want to save it to the global shared info page. There you can browse any content that a user wanted to share with the global community.

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